Friday, 16 August 2013

Duaalsus 0.02 Released!

Duaalsus 0.02 is on the way with big updates.
+ Bears (with WIP animations)
+ Day and night cycle
+ Advisory system
+ New menu design
+ Fishing
+ Woodcutting
+ Water
+ Sun
+ few sounds
+ movement improvements
+ sunday secret update...
+ Weather (rain thunder)
+ monster spawning system
+ Work In Progress Bear King
+ Settings menu
+ Continue at menu is now working
+ you can "escape" from game to menu, it will save your progress, unless youll quit game.
+ saving and loading is in early testing but you need to use developer console commands right now to save/load.
hold down "C" and press "O" for developer console.

++ Ubuntu Version.
++ HTML5 version.
++ Windows Version.

This was very old version of the game and because of that i decided to take it down.

if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact the developer:

On GameJolt:

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